Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brother and sister

Dominic's brother is imaginary now. He goes everywhere with us. He is invisible to me, but Dominic discusses everything with him and he plays with him. His sister is not invisible. She is angel, his little owl. He takes her with us as well. She has to have everything that Caitlin has or is doing.
He sat with us on the couch today and feed Angel a bottle while I nursed Caitlin.
Today while eating lunch his brother sat in the extra seat and Angel sat on the table. He wanted her to be in the high chair, but I don't have an extra one. I got an extra bowl and spoon and the picture is of Dominic feeding her. I guess brother can eat all by himself.
I had to ask a few questions since brother is now invisible.
"Dominic, what is brother's name?"
"Brother Murrell"
"What does he look like?"
"He's white and my size, but his mom is brown."
"I'm not his mommy?"
"No, mom. His mom is brown and his daddy is all black."
"Where do they live, Dominic?"
"Here with us."
"Where do they sleep?"
"In your bedroom with you and daddy"
Okay! I guess I never noticed the extra people in my bed. Might explain why Jon feels crowded at night. And he thought it was me hogging the bed. 
Guess I'll have to explain. =)

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MarthaV said...

Hi Tima, love to see your pics and your beautiful children growing! This story was extremely funny!
We miss you guys. Hugs and kisses.