Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dominic's thoughts and ideas

Dominic can get pretty creative when it comes to making skateboard parks. Caitlin is too big for her baby bath and so I'd put it aside to take to the garage. Dominic saw the possibilities and was using his Tony Hawk man to make some "amazing jumps". Where does he learn this stuff? =)

Dominic was playing with his skate board men and I asked him to do something. He sighed and obeyed. When he returned to his men he sighed again and said "Okay, now where were we, guys?!"

We always ask Dominic what he's thankful for every evening after the story. Then we pray and thank Jesus for what he's thankful for. A frequent prayer has this in it -
"Thank you for all the good things we did today and for all the bad things we didn't do"

Dominic has frequent questions about digestion, farts and other bodily functions and fluids. He asked us why we ate. So we turned the question on him. His answer was "to make me grow and grow and grow all big." "Yes, but why do Daddy and I eat?" A very bewildered "I don't know!"

Dominic loves to pick his nose and I'm trying very valiantly to correct that little habit. We were in the car and so when I saw the finger go up the nose I handed him a tissue. He told me his boogie was stuck. So I told him to blow really, really hard. He blew and then said in an awe filled voice. "Mom, I blew up a yawn!"

I was playing with Dominic this morning (If you can imagine - skateboarding). He gave me one of the taller men and told me I was three years old and he took the shorter one and told me he was five years old (the age he has been promised a "real" board). I told him that if I was three I needed the smaller guy. "No mommy, you just growed really faster than me."

I know this blog post is mostly about Dominic, but I love this look on Caitlin's face. She's trying to grab that bag w/out my noticing. She wanted to taste it and I had told her no. So she waited until I was putting groceries in the trunk and just casually reached down and grabbed the bag again.

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