Monday, August 17, 2009

School & a big girl seat

Both Dominic and Caitlin had big moments today.
Dominic has heard me talking with my friends about preschool and he decided that he wanted to go to school just like Daddy and his friends were doing. To put him off I told him that I was going to home school him. It didn't put him off and he's been bugging me almost every day since to start school. So on tax-free day we went to the store and made a big production of buying school supplies and today we had our first day of school.
Dominic LOVED it. He was so upset when I told him that school was over. And as soon as Jon got home he had to tell him all about it. He wouldn't sit still for the picture so this is the best one I took.

Caitlin also had a "growing" moment. She is getting so big that it was getting difficult to carry her around in her car seat. So today we switched her to the big girl car seat. It is still rear facing, but doesn't come out of the car. So now she's in a big girl seat just like her brother. When I put her in Dominic was in his seat already and they sat there giggling at each other.

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