Sunday, August 9, 2009


We left the day after Caitlin’s dedication to fly to Missouri to see my aunt, uncle and grandparents. The kids are good travelers and are better at flying than driving so the trip was long but went ok.
When we got there I thought that Dominic and Caitlin would be shy, but Dominic walked right up and hugged my aunt and uncle. He’s never met them before but I guess I talked about them a lot before the trip and so he felt comfortable with them.

Caitlin also warmed up quickly. She liked everyone, but she LOVED my grandpa. She would light up when ever he walked into the room. It was precious.
The kids are playing under the coffee table. Dominic would crawl under with his flashlight and imaginary tools and “fix” it.
My Grandma and Aunt Linda.
These two certainly love each other.
My little ones with their great-grandparents.
Grandpa showing Dominic his tattoos. Dominic was very fascinated by them.
Grandpa and his little girl.
Grandma and Caiti girl.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Tima. This is Andrea Gadd (Scharer is my last name now). I have loved reading about your family and I was almost in tears with these sweet pictures!! I haven't seen Grandpa and Grandma since I got married in 2007. But these pictures were amazing!