Thursday, August 6, 2009

Early Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Dominic’s birthday early while the grandparents were here. Dominic wanted a skate board park cake. I have NEVER made a themed cake before. So here is a picture of my attempt at a skate board park cake.
I made the actual cake before Dominic went down for his nap. He was pretty excited. He brought his seat over to the oven and thought he’d wait until it was done baking. Poor little kid just couldn’t wait for 30 minutes.
Here is the final product. I must admit - I was impressed with myself. =)
Dominic trying to blow out his candles. He was told not to spit and so had trouble blowing with out spitting.
Dominic got several nice presents. But the largest one was a new bike. We tried to pick out one that looked the most like a trick bike. I don’t think he was convinced it was a trick bike, but he loved it anyways.


richies said...

I love the photo of Dominic watching the cake bake. Just to precious!

An Arkies Musings

Laura said...

Great job with the cake, Tima!