Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camping in the rain

We went camping again this weekend. A friend reccommended this camp ground and we made plans in February to go. And then this week we all looked at the forecast and saw the rain. A few people cancelled, but most of us (seven families plus some college guys) decided to brave it and go. I'll admit that if my money had been refundable I would have stayed home. But the frugal side of me decided not to disappoint my children or waste the money already spent on supplies and the reservation.
I have to say that while I'm very glad we went we will be making a few changes before we go again.
While I was making breakfast Dominic asked me to take a picture of his "worm" that was still in bed. The rock is apparently the pillow and the leaf is his blanket. Haven't figured out the piece of grass yet.
Lighting the fire at breakfast.
Caitlin doesn't wake up happy.
Dominic spent most of the day riding his bike in the "bike gang" as one kid put it.
 After breakfast we headed up to the horse stables so the kids could ride their bikes and also see the horses.
 Caitlin made sure to bring the essentials on her hike.
Some of the bikes from the bike gang.
Checking out the horses.
Sliding down the rock pile.
Caitlin's backside after the rock pile. Someone picked her up to look at a horse and then couldn't figure out why they were so dirty. =)
It started raining as we were walking/riding back. So we crashed in a friend's camper.
Some of the kids are playing a game.
Gathered around the campfire.
Caitlin enjoying her hotdog.
We rarely saw Dominic the entire day. The campsites were set in a loop and the kids rode around and around wearing themselves out. When they tired from riding bikes they headed to the play ground that was set in sand and full of puddles. By afternoon Dominic was filthy and soaked. We took his socks off while changing him and couldn't believe how wrinkled and prunish his feet looked.
He fell asleep last night and slept like a log all night.

Caitlin on the other hand, took a nap in the afternoon, had someone to carry her when she got tired and sat with me watching people. Then she also started her little croupy cough right before bed. So before midnight she was crying and asking for us to "hold you me." Jon brought her to bed with us, but it just meant that none of us slept well. We were on two narrow cots and so for one of us to have her with us we would have to turn on our side and let her lay on most of the cot. We took turns all night trading her so the other could get sleep. But then she'd want more room and the one trying to sleep with a cot to themselves would feel little toes poking into their rib cage before long. She hogged the covers and snored. Our tent leaked and it was freezing cold. It was a rough night. =)
This morning when we got up and saw that it was raining we threw the kids in the car while we broke camp and headed home. The campsite is about 2 hrs from home and about 1 1/2 hrs from the closest decent town. So we ate corn chips and strawberries in the car for breakfast. Caitlin fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for two hours more once we got home. Jon took a nap as well once we'd unloaded the cars and set the tents back up in the carport to dry out. What a crazy weekend.

It was cold and rainy, but fun. The kids are already looking forward to going again. We just need to get a few more camping supplies and check the weather before heading out again.


Techyturner said...

Great recounting of your camping adventure. Please, don't tell Kristen about this. She will not go because of her adventures like this one.
Are there many camping spots closer to your house?

Tima Murrell said...

There are a ton of camping spots closer. For some reason this is the place that our friend chose. It was beautiful so I had no complaints.

Jena said...

We are going camping this weekend at Mammoth Cave. We will be leaving in a few hours (lots to do). Looks like you had fun! Your kids are so cute (and your daughter looks so much like you - I didn't realize how much, until I saw the 2 of you in a picture make the same face - a sweet smile).