Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grandma and the zoo

We met my mom at the zoo in Nashville today.

I took quite a few pictures of the animals, but frankly my kids are cuter, so that's what you'll be seeing here.
I can give you directions to the zoo if you want more animals. =)

At the parrot exhibit. Notice what my mom is looking at?
I don't think she came to the zoo for the animals either.
We were trying to see the monkeys in the trees and the sun was shining in our eyes. 
Caitlin had forgotten her sunglasses in the car.
Dominic wanted me to take his picture by the rope bridge.
Trying to go see the meerkats.
Over 25 buses of children came to the zoo from the local schools.
It was crazy. My mom got rather protective of her grandchildren a couple of times. 
I guess a mom never loses her "mother bear". She just transfers it. =)

Notice the look on Caitlin's face. She'd been pushed around a couple of times and was fearful of being pushed while in the tunnel.
Being short can be tough.
Dominic's favorite part of the whole zoo.
The alligators.
A couple more shots of my cute kids.
When it was time for lunch we headed out of the zoo since there weren't very many places to eat inside. Once we were out I realized what time it was. I'd promised the kids that we would return after lunch, but knew it would take forever to get back in and the very thought made me tired.
So like all good mothers, I bribed my children.
"Dominic, you can have two choices. You can go back to the zoo for a few minutes or we can go to McDonalds and get a McFlurry.
Guess what he chose?

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