Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Little Lamb meeting

Last night was the last Little Lamb meeting.
We have investiture in two weeks where they are presented with their honors and officially "graduate" to the next class. So when school starts Dominic will be an Eager Beaver and Caitlin will start Little Lambs.
My babies are growing up so quickly.

At the last meeting the leader had a little party. 
There was a petting zoo.
Yee Haw!
Dominic's class - minus the families that forgot. =)
It was 40something degrees and Dominic chose to wear a t-shirt and shorts. So he spent some of the time outside in Ms. Kathy's pink jacket. Silly boy!
Cake and punch.
Dominic was in heaven when he found out he would get a piece of cake and also the Diego on top.
Ms. Kathy let everyone pick something off of the top and Dominic chose Diego. He was one happy little boy.
Thank you Ms. Kathy for being such a wonderful Little Lambs teacher.
We love you!

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