Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short Hike

This post is mostly about our hike. But I have a funny picture from church I have to insert.

Caitlin thought she was a pirate again. 
Still haven't figured out why she puts random things on her head and growls.

Okay - On to the hike.
We headed north to Willow Grove at Cordell Hull.
Caitlin fell asleep on the way there so Jon carried her for most of the short hike.
The rain had really overflowed the lake. It had obviously gone over the road in several spots.
We had gone to walk on this trail and it ended very shortly in water. 
More water shots.
So we took a tour of the campgrounds and let the kids play at the playground.
 I took the coolest shot of Jon on the swings.
Don't I have the cutest kids?!
We had fun on our walk, even if it wasn't where we had planned.

We returned home tired and dirty.

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