Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Year Old Pics

The difference in one year was astounding. Last year the photographer, flash and pretty much anything not mom freaked Caitlin out. So the only usable picture that we have is one that you can see a part of my sweater because I'm holding her. At least she was smiling.

But this year my little girl decided to be a model. She posed, she strutted, she made faces and she pranced around like she owned the place. It was comical and a huge relief. At least it was nice until I went to chose which picture to get and sat in agony forever. So I finally just purchased the cd with everything on it.
Now I just have to decide how much to bore bless you with.

This picture is SO Caitlin. I love, love, love her laugh.
She's been watching her brother pose for silly faces. So she wanted to do a silly face picture as well.
Silly girl!
My beautiful little lady.

This is the picture that the studio asked to put on their wall.
So Caitlin is a true model. =)
It was a very fun session. Jon and I are really enjoying watching her grow up.

Love you girly!

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Beth-Anne said...

these are adorable!!! She is a little model.