Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random bits

I have several photos that wouldn't take an entire blog post so thought I'd throw them all together in one.

Jon was concerned because our puppies weren't growing a winter coat. So we decided they could come inside during the evenings if they stayed in one spot. Then at night we'll still put them to bed in the workshop like we've been doing. They love this new development.
 Caitlin wanted to see what her hair bow looked like. I haven't finished the mirror in my bedroom so it's leaning up against the wall. I sent her in the bedroom and when I followed her to see what was taking so long I found this.
 Dominic's school is in the Cookeville parade. It's been cancelled twice now, but they sang the song for church this last week. Those kids are precious.
 This is Dominic's Thailand outfit. It actually looks close to the picture I have, except he should be wearing a t-shirt. But it's freezing cold and I didn't want to make new pants so I used my capri yoga pants. They probably don't use leis in Thailand, but I had to do something to differentiate this from USA clothes.
 This past Sunday we brought all of the Christmas decor into the house and set up the tree. 
It's so much fun to do this with the kids. The ornaments are all clumped in one place, the tree skirt is lumpy and the tree is often crooked. But they have so much fun and they love it!
 All finished. Unless mom decides to even out the ornaments. =)
I have all of presents purchased and almost all of the stocking stuffers. Now I just need to find a time when they are not here or asleep to wrap everything.

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