Monday, December 19, 2011

Crumbly Hair

Sabbath morning while we were getting ready for church Caitlin came into the bathroom and asked "Mommy, can I have crumply hair just like you?"
I tried to curl her hair, but it's so fine that it didn't hold. But it was enough to make her happy.

Crumply hair.
Later Jon was putting on her clothes and her black shoes wouldn't fit. So Jon put her brown boots on her. It was those or her Dora shoes. Apparently her feet grew last night. I heard Caitlin getting upset because her boots didn't match her dress. Somehow my 3 yr old has grasped a concept my 5 yr old still can't figure out. I convinced her (several times) that it was okay sometimes not to match and that no one would notice.
See! Her brown boots don't look THAT bad with her black tights. And if they do - don't tell Caitlin. =)
So I guess it's off to the store this week to find some more clothes for my kids. Sigh! If they'd stop growing just for a second it would be a huge help. Seriously! 

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