Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Parade

It FINALLY happened. The Christmas parade was rescheduled twice due to weather. But despite the chilly weather and cloudy skies we finally had our parade. Dominic was so excited.

The kids did really well. There were close to 100 entrants and our little school made it into the 9 pictures chosen. It was the opposite side from Dominic, but I'm just excited that we made it into the paper.

I don't have very many pictures. I'm very glad that I took pictures of his costume before the parade. He wouldn't be still for a second because he was so excited. It had been raining earlier and so the ground was soggy. Pretty soon the bottom part of my his pants was also soaked.  

 Sitting on the float.
 The float. The world was pretty cool. The kids stood up and held candles.
They sang Come Light My World.
It was cold, but fun.

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