Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

My little girl turned 3 years old today!
I'm so very, very proud of her. She's growing up into such a beautiful little girl and Jon and I keep looking at her and wondering how we got so lucky.

A couple of days ago I asked her where she wanted to eat for her birthday.
The first thing she said was "a princess restaurant".
When I told her that wasn't available she said Bellacino's (a pizza place).
So we went on Saturday night since Dominic was supposed to be in a parade tonight. (Unfortunately, it has been rescheduled due to rain.) 

At church they sang to her, let her blow out candles and gave her a book. It took her several tries before she blew the candles out. Girl needs to work on her blowing out candles skills. =)
This is how old she is. =)
Then yesterday she mentioned that she wanted to eat at Burger King. Since we had invited over some friends for supper we told her we would go today at lunch.
She had requested a purple princess cake. I've now made two fondant cakes and felt like this would be fairly easy. But for some reason I had the hardest time with the fondant. It tasted 10x better this time, but it was completely unworkable. I became so frustrated with it that I was about to give up. Even Jon took a couple of turns. I finally got it to work enough that I just dumped it on the cake and figured she'd never notice.
 Trying to blow out more candles.
 Opening her presents.
 She had some helpers. =)
 My sweet little girl is goofy, cuddly, fun and adorable.
I'm so thankful that God gave us to her.
 Speaking of goofy!
 Happy Birthday Caitlin!
With her "Dora dolly" that we gave her for her birthday.

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Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin! We are almost birthday buddies! :)