Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sabbath school

I took quite a few pictures in Sabbath school this last week. It was partially because they were going to celebrate Caitlin's birthday and so I had the camera. But it was also because this is her last month in the Beginner's class. In January a new quarter starts and she moves up to Kindergarten. It's a bit hard for me to imagine that I won't have to go into class with her every other week. Jon and I take turns so that one of us can attend the adult class every other week. It's been nice taking turns, but now we'll actually be able to sit in class together. We are super excited about it, don't get me wrong. But a small part of me is so sad to see my little baby growing up so quickly. It helps that I know she'll love it in K with Dominic.
Caitlin was very fascinated with this plastic angel.
 At the manger.
 Caitlin has the best teachers. Not sure if I'd be willing to lay on the floor. =)
 In "heaven".
 Caitlin was in love with the gorillas.
So thankful for the teachers who spend so much time in preparation for teaching my child.

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