Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coal for Christmas

Caitlin and Dominic are completely different. Jon and I are having to find new ways to deal with Caitlin since the ways we handle/discipline Dominic just don't work for her. Here is an example of how different they are.

Sabbath and Sunday mornings  the kids know that we sleep in and they are allowed up, but can't disturb us. Jon woke up around 8:30 and came into the living room to check on the kids. Dominic was seated at the table coloring.
"Dominic, where is Caitlin?"
"She's under the dining room table."
"Why is she under the table?"
"I don't know."

Jon went into the dining room to find our daughter. She had pushed a chair up to the buffet table and gotten a heavy glass candy dish. She'd then dragged it under the table and was sitting there eating chocolate. She was very carefully unwrapping each piece and putting the wrapper in her toy whistle so we wouldn't find the remains of her chocolate binge. 
Needless to say, she lost some privileges.

Sunday morning Jon gets up and Dominic comes running to him.
"Daddy, the dogs got into the Christmas presents."
Since the dogs are in the garage locked in their cage every night we knew that it wasn't the dogs.
Sure enough, most of the presents had been completely unwrapped. It was a systematic unwrapping. A little girl had gone through and unwrapped everything until she found the gift that she remembered my buying several weeks ago. All other presents, including her other ones, were bypassed.
Dominic admitted that he'd seen the books that he was getting for Christmas. Since I get the kids books every year as one of the presents it wasn't really a big deal.
But Caitlin had found the pony that she remembered, had somehow gotten it out of the hard plastic package and taken the pieces back to her room where she was very quietly playing with them.
I had to let Jon punish her for the second time in two days for fear I would laugh at her. It's not funny, but she's so sneaky. Dominic told us everything and admitted to looking at the books. Caitlin denied everything. Baby girl is seriously starting to scare us!
This is only some of the presents. I forgot to take the picture until I'd wrapped about half of them. But I think you can get the picture.

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