Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conference

 I was looking for another post and found this draft from October. Apparently I was more sick than I thought because not only did I forget to post it, but it was so full of spelling and grammar errors that I cringed. =) So it's a bit late, but here is Dominic's report card post.

We had our first parent/teacher conference this last week. I'm going to admit I was a bit fearful of what we would hear. I think the world of little man. But reality is - he isn't always obedient and can be disruptive and wild. So I expected to hear cute/funny stories, but not great things about his listening skills.
The skills were graded with an I for independently achieving things, P for progressing and a NT for needs more time to work on a skill. (the definitions are in my words)
I wasn't feeling well, but wanted to hear what his teacher had to say.So my memory might not be the greatest about some of the definitions, etc.
There were 45 things that he was graded on. He had all Ps and Is and no NTs. I'm sad to say I was surprised. 15 of the 45 were I. I thought I was going to pop with pride. This isn't to say that she didn't mention things he needs to work on, but the report was great.
I was so worried and stressed trying to decide whether to send him to school this year and this just confirmed again that God helped us make the right decision.
His teacher also told us that instead of playing with the other Kindergartners he's choosing to do the 1st and 2nd grade phonics with them. So he's really improving on his reading skills.
I know he's smart and my mommy pride is there. But I'm even more proud that he's doing so well at listening, obeying, and being respectful.

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