Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Hike and a Haircut

Dominic informed me last week that he was going to have Jon give him a mohawk after his back packing trip. I was excited to have him finally ready to cut that mop of hair.

Jon and Dominic left on Saturday afternoon and headed to Virgin Falls to spend the afternoon and night.
My two favorite men!
I don't have any pictures of it, but my brother called a few minutes after they'd left and asked if he could drop in for a visit. He spent the entire afternoon and Caitlin and Leila had a blast. I really enjoyed the visit too. It was nice to relax and talk. My brother and I think quite a bit alike so it makes for some amusing conversations.

When Dominic returned on Sunday morning we had him take a shower and then the hair cutting commenced. 

Before shot.
 And after!
 Not sure if this is an improvement, but at least it's different. =)
 Dominic loves his new hairstyle and has faithfully fixed it every morning. It is surprisingly difficult to get hair this long to stick straight up.

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