Thursday, June 13, 2013

A visit with family

My sister and her family live at Fort Knox in Kentucky.
Caitlin and I were up there in February taking Kami our dog.
We had so much fun that we made plans to repeat it again this summer.
Andy (my sister's husband) is deployed and Kami thought us coming would be a good diversion for her and Lexi (my niece).

It was an amazing visit. The kids were good and played well together. Kami and I talked our heads off and I found a new favorite movie. We stayed up way too late and ate way too much chocolate.

We went to the park.
 The kids spent most of the day playing in the water so we fed them outside.
 Lexi and Caitlin played dress up. Dominic, naturally, wanted nothing to do with this. Pretty sure he watched a movie or something. =)
 The kids had a funeral for a lady bug. It was so precious that Kami and I had to go take pictures. Then we forced them to sit by the tree for more pictures.
 The kids with our Kami's Josie dog.
But probably the highlight was the waterpark.
The kids were upset when Kami and I made them leave after hours of playing.
It was so fun that we are hoping to have a repeat performance later this summer.

So thankful for a sister that I actually enjoy spending time with. We may have NOTHING in common. =) But that certainly didn't stop us from talking and laughing the entire time.

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