Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crazy Wild & Mixed Up Day

The post is crazy long and probably boring. But I wanted to put it here so I wouldn't forget about the crazy details later. You certainly don't have to bore yourself. =)

Yesterday was a bit crazy. It started the night before when Caitlin woke us up so many times we lost count. Still not sure why. So Jon and I were exhausted when we got up that morning.

Dominic and I woke up at 5:15am to go running since the kids had camp all morning and we wouldn't be able to run later.
It was a wonderful run. The moon was setting on one side, the sun was rising on the other and my favorite little boy was running beside me. We ran a two mile loop and then Dominic headed to the house for a shower while I ran the loop again.

I returned to find Jon cleaning out the freezer. When he had opened the door to the refrigerator everything was warm. So he hoped/figured that maybe there was something in the freezer blocking the airflow, since the freezer was working fine. Sure enough! I had to defrost a non-defrost freezer all day with my food in coolers. So after an emergency trip to the store for ice we soon had everything in coolers and the appliance empty. 

Only to realize that it was going to take a major effort and mess to get back into the coolers to get the stuff out to make Dominic a lunch for camp. He was one happy boy when I told him that we were stopping at Burger King for egg & cheese croissants.

 Dropped Caitlin off at camp at 9am. She was a bit nervous, but even more excited. My girly girl was getting to go to princess ballet camp. And she got to wear dance clothes. She was in heaven.
Dominic's camp didn't start until 9:45. So I rushed across town to put some more money on a gift card at the bike store. I've slowly, but surely been secretly putting money on a gift card to buy Jon this majorly expensive bike that he's been wanting. He had no idea we were so close to getting it. He thought we were only putting his mad money/allowance on it. But I was also putting my money on it, and every time I was paid for a review or survey I stuck that on there too. I was super excited. 
But back to the story - I arrived at the store to find they didn't open for another 30 minutes. So back across town we go. Arrive at the camp a few minutes early and spot a coffee shop that I have a gift card to. So I figured I'd try coffee again. I was definitely tired enough to need the caffeine boost. I got an iced chocolate/mint mocha. I couldn't taste the mint and the after taste was like eating an ashtray. It was terrible. And to make matters worse, my gift card had been erased. I knew how much was on it, so she just gave me a discount that was the equivalent. But still - for a terrible drink.

Dominic was beyond excited for class. It was art class and he was going to be painting Yoda. 
Life just doesn't get any better.

I leave there to go back to the bike shop. I can't find the gift cards. So I put the bike on layaway since we are getting close. I run some errands and return home to get the gift cards. Pick up Caitlin from dance camp and rush back to the store with the card. The card doesn't work. Same as the coffee shop. Thankfully the shop owner is able to retrieve everything and we are now within a few dollars of paying off the bike. I decide to leave the balance and show Jon at lunch.

Lunch was fun. Jon couldn't quit smiling when he realized he could bring his bike home that day. And I'll admit I wasn't far behind him. He's been dreaming about this bike FOR EVER! But with house issues, tuition, travel, etc. eating up our money we just hadn't made it a priority. But I decided Jon had sacrificed enough on the house for me, it was his turn. I mean, look at my library!!!

Caitlin and I go home to play princess and check on the fridge. It's still defrosting. We return at 2pm to pick up Dominic. I couldn't get over how amazing his picture was. Baby boy has some talent.
But I couldn't look at it long, because we were headed straight to the doctors office to check on his finger. On Saturday evening he was playing on his skateboard and pulled his finger back. It immediately swelled up and became painful to use. After his broken arm experience two years ago I decided to make an appointment. But he wasn't about to miss camp.

Ironically enough, I'd won a gift card to the clinic a year ago and saved it just in case something like this ever happened. They ask for my co-pay and I hand them the card. It's not working. And when it does, it says $11. Since I know I haven't used it, and there was $50 on there, I was a bit frustrated.

Long story short (and several hours later). Dominic does NOT have a broken finger and my gift card has been fixed. His finger was hyper extended and so it's been buddy wrapped to help it heal and we'll have to keep it wrapped for a week. But that is way better than a cast all summer.
When we all got home we sort of crashed. It has been a hairy day. But fingers are good, fridge is now defrosted and working again, Jon is in love with his new bike and the kids are anticipating the next day of camp.

 And this morning Caitlin summed up the night (and hopefully how today will go) when she said very sleepily as she woke up -
"I'm happy for me that didn't wake up you."

Baby girl suffers from the same verbal dyslexia as her mom does.

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