Friday, June 21, 2013

Kids Stuff

Found these waiting for me in the bathroom when I went to take my shower.
At least they're dead.


I'm big on loving on my kids. So I'm always trying to kiss Dominic's nose (to his distress) and I've told Caitlin I love her neck. It might have just a little something to do with the fact that they either don't like being kissed (Dominic) or are incredibly ticklish there (Caitlin). 

Today I was eating something and Caitlin asked for a bite. I thought I'd tease her and told her if she'd give me a bite of her neck I'd give her my food. With a serious face she asked -

"Is it Mother's Day?"
"Well I said I would let you kiss my neck on Mother's Day. But since it's not, you can't. Can I still have a bite?"
After I quit laughing I gave her some of my chocolate.


Today Dominic was lamenting his advance into Primary (we are at camp meeting).
"I sure miss Pastor Jim. He was awesome. Life is really hard. When you grow up you just can't go back to being the kid you use to be." This was accompanied by a very large sigh.

Yep! Six years old is pure ancient.


Today is Father's Day and Dominic made the comment at lunch that "when I'm a father in a couple of years. . ." Jon and I just about choked. We are NOT ready for grandchildren quite yet.


Both of my children are afraid of the dark. So we have night lights and leave the doors open a crack so they can go to sleep. But occasionally even this doesn't seem to help. Still haven't figured out whether all of the times are real or some are ploys to stay up later. But after several nights of squeaks and protests of fear, I'd had it. I marched into Dominic's room and asked him -
Me - "Dominic, what is it that the dark does that has you so scared of it?"
Dominic - "I don't know, I'm just scared."
Me - "Can it snore?"
Dominic (a bit startled) - "No."
Me - "Can it sneeze, laugh, or growl?" (I demonstrated each one as I asked.)
Dominic (now laughing) - "No!"
Me - "Then what in the world can it do that scares you?"
He admitted that he wasn't sure, but that he was still kind of scared of it.
So I told him to picture the dark tooting and it would seem a lot less scary.
I left to quite a bit of laughter and haven't heard this complaint again.

Later I told Jon about it and made the comment that it was one conversation I never pictured  when I pictured sweet moments talking with my kids.

Tonight I had to have the same conversation with Caitlin. It got the same giggles and no more complaints about being scared. If only I'd thought about this several years ago, think of the electricity I could have saved by not having so many lights on all night.

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