Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp meeting

For those that follow my blog regularly this will come as no surprise.
We loved camp meeting this year.
But we all agreed that it was our best year yet.

Both kids were able to go into their meetings without parents. So they felt very grown up and we felt very free. =) Jon and I were able to attend meetings or visit with friends all by ourselves for the first time in years.

But we also had our typical camp meeting traditions of popsicles, trolley rides, and swimming.

The water was ice cold, but that didn't stop them from spending hours in the water.

We stopped to smell the roses on the rose walk, hiked around, and visited with friends.
 The kids had their Thursday night special music for the grown ups.
Dominic, for some reason, has never enjoyed this.
This year was no exception.
But Caitlin loved it and wasn't a bit scared.
And on Friday, Dominic lost yet another tooth. We are going to have to call him toothless if he doesn't stop soon.
 Sabbath morning after children's church.
We are sad to be going home, and are already talking about next year.

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