Sunday, June 30, 2013

Princess Ballet Camp

I gave the kids their choice of which camp to go to this summer. They had about 20-30 to choose from, but it wasn't a hard decision for either of them. As soon as I finished reading the lists, they both shouted out the very one I guessed they would pick.

Caitlin's choice was princess ballet camp at Stage One.

All week Caitlin kept telling me about the dances they were working on for their performance.
And she would bring home something relating to a princess that she had made during class - a wand, a necklace, a crown. 
On Friday I picked up Jon from work (he'd taken the bike to work) and we went to her dance performance. They made the crown and tutus in class that week.
There were four dances and it was absolutely precious.
Probably being a bit of a proud mom, but Caitlin was the cutest and best dancer out of everyone there! =)
 Sitting with her class for a final picture.
 This girl has one amazing Daddy. He took off work just to come watch his little princess.
She adores her Daddy, but someday I hope she realizes just how much he loves her.

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