Monday, June 3, 2013

Race Day

Several weeks before camp meeting Dominic asked if he could run the 5k instead of the 1 mile fun run. Since last year was his first race ever, I was a little apprehensive about it. So I told him if he trained by running around the back yard and ran with me some that I'd think about it.
Time went by and I wasn't really paying attention to his running. Six times around our back yard equals a mile. So he would come in and assure me that he'd run a mile. But I was pretty sure that he'd never run more than a mile and a half. So about two weeks before the race, I took him on my 3.26 loop. He ran most of the way without stopping and it was pretty hot and muggy. So I figured he could make it.

On race day (and for a few days before) I talked to him about how Grandpa and I would be running ahead of him, but we'd come back and run in with him. I also talked about not starting off too fast at the starting line.

Enter race day and Dominic has to be at the very front with his grandpa. (The race wasn't chipped, so this was actually the best spot to be - see my other blog post.)

Dominic is #196 and my dad is #181.
Dominic started off like a shot out of a cannon. I had to run pretty fast to catch up to him. When I finally caught up with him, he just wouldn't slow down. =)
So for Dominic's first 5k he finished with a time of 29:45. His age division was 0-10 and he finished 4th. He was pretty bummed to not receive a medal. But I was so impressed. Because the 3 boys who received medals were 8-10. So he was racing against kids who were at least 2 yrs older.
Not bad, little man!

Dominic and I before the race.
 Caitlin wearing my jacket.
 My dad and our friend, Pastor Ryan duking it out to the end.
 My dad and I running in with Dominic. You can see Grandma and a friend off to the left.
 Baby boy crosses the finish line in his first 5k.
 Resting with Caitlin and some friends.
 My dad placed first in his age division. This is him receiving his medal.
Very impressed with my dad and my son.


richies said...

Congratulations Dominic on a good race!
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Beth-Anne said...

Way to go Dominic!! Tell him he can start to organize a track and field event at school :) that would be fun