Monday, June 3, 2013


Tonight at supper Dominic was amusing us with another loose tooth. It was so crooked in his mouth that when he closed his lips, it stuck out through them. Very funny looking.

I called him Nanny McPhee and he wasn't so crazy about that. So he tried to make the tooth straighter. With no warning it popped out of his mouth and flew across the table. 
We all just sat there stunned for a few seconds. It was the 2nd tooth in less than a week. And he's NEVER lost a tooth without considerable drama and weeks of twisting on it.
It shocked him so badly that after a nervous laugh he started crying.

I wiped the tears, took a picture, and gave him his dollar.
Remember the threat to call him toothless? 
I think having 3 teeth missing across the top qualifies!

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