Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Campmeeting II

On Thursday I had the crazy idea that I wanted to take a walk around the lake. I wanted to take pictures. The walk around is beautiful and I thought it would be fun to take a picture walk. Jon and the kids came along and waited patiently while I snapped every couple of seconds.

Waiting for mom.
The kids had been waiting for me and Dominic didn't want to smile.
So I said a word (involving bodily functions) that I knew would make him smile.
Oh the levels a mother will stoop to when she wants a picture of her child.
I love these pictures.
Resting again. I thought this stump was pretty cool.
By the time we were about 2/3rds of the way around the lake we were pooped. But there really weren't any other options. We kept walking, but I had a blister and I'm sure Jon was tired of pushing Caitlin. Dominic kept saying how tired he was. And then Roger pulled up in his van and offered us a ride. Poor guy couldn't even finish his sentence before we said yes! Thank goodness for friends!

More playing - trolley rides, play ground, pool, putt-putt golf


This is a happy face - in case you were wondering.
 They think they are pretty cool!

The children's program on Thursday
There were so many children in the program that it was hard to find Dominic and get a decent picture.
So the blurry pictures are from the big screen.

Last year he was crying the whole time and Jon had to stand up there with him.
This year he was fine and really enjoyed it. Amazing what a year will do.

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