Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Weekend 2

After lunch we decided to check out Look Out Mountain. I've lived close to this mountain most of my life. I've seen the signs on barns "See Ruby Falls Atop Look Out Mountain" and 
"See Seven States from Rock City". But I've never made it to any of them.
We get to the top and turn around to find this.
I guess we wore them out before lunch. So Jon played on his iPod while I took pictures. 
Then we drove around exploring while we waited.

Once the kids were awake we headed to the Incline Railway. This is the longest and steepest incline railway in the world (if the narrator is to be believed).
Dominic was cool about everything. He enjoyed the entire experience.
Caitlin was a bit more cautious. She never cried, but the looks on her face were priceless.
The views from the top were really nice.
The next night we spent with Jason and Kim.
The weather was beautiful, so we ate breakfast outside.
 Kitty joined us.
Then we headed to Ruby Falls. I was very disappointed. It was so commercialized. When we went to the Lost Sea we felt like we were in a real cave. But this place has seen so many people that most of the places that you could touch were glossy from hand prints.
 It was great for photos though. =)
 The paths were neat walkways, mostly paved. And when we got to the falls we were rushed around the waterfall and hurried back onto the trail. The light show was nice, but it certainly didn't feel like we were viewing nature.
Walking with Daddy up to see the view.
Our kids have no idea how privileged they are to be able to go on trips and see the many things they take for granted. I'm thankful they have these opportunities.


Techyturner said...

Caitlin's look reminds me of Tima's when she was in an unfamiliar situation. Priceless is right. Is Jason's home a log cabin? It looks really neat. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Tima Murrell said...

It isn't a log cabin, but it has that natural feel. It's beautiful.
About Caitlin - It doesn't surprise me. My mom called me chicken little growing up. =)