Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last weekend

We went to Chattanooga this last weekend to spend some time with family.
It was my brother's birthday and we hadn't seen Jon's brother in a while either.
But I think the main reason Jon wanted to go was because the Great Race was starting in Chattanooga and he wanted to go and look at the cars before they started. =)

We returned and immediately became overwhelmingly busy so this post is a bit late.
We crammed a lot into our weekend. =)

Pictures from the great race.
Waiting for the race to start.
 Zeb got bored and had to see if he could climb the wall.
 It was very hot, even that early in the morning so we went over to a near by building for the kids to sit in the shade. They found the dirtiest place to play.
 Being the typical boy, Dominic licked his hands to get the dirt off. He didn't believe me when I told him what that action had done to his chin. So I took a picture to prove my point. He thought it was "cool".
 Caitlin was tired since she hadn't slept well the night before. Poor Jon ended up being peed on because she was too sleepy to let him know she had to go. Guess it was a good thing there was a breeze to dry them off quickly. =)
 This tiny car really fascinated the kids.
 I took a picture of Zeb beside the car to show how tiny it really is. 
It's kid size.
 He's inflated.
 Look Mom!
And he's down.
"Oh no! He's bwoken"
Notice all of the people standing in the back ground watching her. They were loving her expressions every time he inflated and deflated. She could have spent the whole day watching the Michelin man.
 Once the cars starting taking off it was hard to see them until they were right up on us because of the crowds of people. So Leila kept getting further and further out into the street. Dominic is a bit of a mother hen and would frantically pull her back in each time she leaned out.
We stayed with my brother the first night. He's a true bachelor. He doesn't have a kitchen table. The kids certainly didn't mind. I think they enjoyed the novelty of sitting on the floor to eat breakfast.
After the race we headed to the Children's Museum to spend some time. The kids love this place. In fact, Dominic never made it around the first corner. We spent the whole time coloring or playing in the water section. I wanted to rush him along and had to really remind myself that this was about him and if he was happy we would stay there all day.
 Drying his shirt after playing in the water.
 "Mom, take my picture."
The bubble ring outside.
We packed a ton into a very short time. So I'll post more of our weekend later.

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Techyturner said...

Your museum trip and what you had to remind yourself what to do; I have to do that. DS1 will sit and play with the first or second thing that comes along for as long as he wants. I have to tell myself, out loud, he is fine and don't rush him because there is no rush. We love museums too.