Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Confused

The kids were playing in the rain and came in completely soaked.
Dominic was trying to express how completely and utterly wet he was.
"I'm wet all the way down to my p____.* And Caitlin is wet all the way down to her digestiff."
"Uhm, Dominic. Don't you mean v____?"*
"Oh right. I forgot. Everyone has a digestiff system. Silly me."

We are eating supper and Dominic starts talking about letters.
He says the letter W. After repeating it several times, Caitlin started copying him.
"Double U, double U, double me."

The kids had been bickering all morning. After one incident I told them to hug for a full minute. About half way through Dominic announces -
"This isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. She's actually softer than my seal."
(A super soft stuffed animal)
Two funny things about this -
1. They actually hug quite often.
2. Neither one could remember why they had to hug in the first place. Sigh!
* I have no problems with these words. But according to my blog stats people search the internet looking for key words combined with children. I don't want to block my blog, but I can be more careful so that search engines don't find me when the perverts are out looking.

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