Thursday, June 9, 2011

Age is Relevant

Our cat is amazing. We brought him home five years before Dominic came on the scene. But he has been so patient with the kids and Dominic fell in love. From the very beginning Tolkie could make him smile. 
See this previous post.
When Dominic grew enough to play with him they developed a game of sorts that they would play together.
Dominic would throw a ball and then the two of them would chase it. The first one to reach the ball would then be tackled by the last one. Kitty participated in this fully. I think he even let Dominic win sometimes. =)
Well lately I've noticed our poor little 10 yr. old kitty isn't wanting to play as often. So I tried to explain to Dominic that kitty was getting old and we needed to start treating him a bit more gently.
 I explained the whole kitty years aren't the same as people years thing.
 So, of course, he wanted to know how old kitty was in people years. I had NO idea, but just guessed.
"He's about 70-80 years old."
"Do I know anybody that old?"
"Yes, Grandma and Grandpa G are that old."
"They aren't old. Grandpa climbs trees and plays tag and Grandma plays with me too. So they can't be old."
I was stumped. He's right. So I guess I'll have to come up with someone more feeble for my illustration. =)

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