Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st broken bone

Last night Jon was out pushing the kids on the swing. I'm not sure what happened, but somehow the swing broke and Dominic dropped about 5 feet to the ground. He caught himself with his right wrist. Jon said he didn't cry, but told Jon that he thought he'd broken his arm.
His wrist wasn't swollen and he could move it, but he favored it quite a bit and we ended up giving him some Tylenol at bedtime.

This morning he was still complaining of pain and wouldn't use it to eat or color. I was so unsure of what to do. He can be a bit dramatic sometimes, but if it was truly broken I didn't want to ignore that.
I finally took him over to his doctor who promptly sent me to an urgent care clinic to get an x-ray.
After a morning and most of the afternoon spent going to different doctors - Dominic has a broken wrist and a nice black cast. Thankfully the doctor put him in a removable cast. I wasn't sure what we were going to do with a active boy in the summer and a cast.
He's been a trooper and is back to playing now.


Laura said...

Wow, sounds like he was quite brave about it all!

Sharon said...

poor little guy! Glad he was a trooper. None of my 4 ever broke a bone, but we had one two concussions and one split noggin with stitches. The life of a Mom is never dull!

richies said...

Sorry to hear. Looks like he is one tough hombre.

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