Monday, June 20, 2011

Why buy toys?

It's on days like this that I wonder why parents bother buying toys.
Jon brings home scrap paper for the kids to use. They draw, paint and color EVERY day so we were really running through the paper. They don't seem to mind the print on one side and it saves us tons of printer paper.
But on this day they found another use for it.
Dominic said he was going to make a snow village. They played for hours in their "snow village" before putting the paper back. 
 We change the sheets every Friday morning. Each kid helps me with their bed and then they both help with mine. But when we got to Dominic's bed, Caitlin found a pillow case and crawled in.
This created several hours of sack races and camping trips with their "sleeping bags".
Dominic LOVES helping me with my chores. He has a container filled with ping pong balls that have chores written on them. He will pull one out and race me to get it finished. But I think his very favorite is washing dishes. I'm wondering how long this will last. =)

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Techyturner said...

That is my question! N has so many toys and yet he will play with many other things that are not his.
BTW, love the scrap paper.