Monday, June 6, 2011

Campmeeting I

This last week we headed to North Carolina for our annual camp meeting trip. 
We got the same house again this year and were excited to get there and begin having fun.
Dominic remembered last year and for two weeks before we left he would tell me every day how many more days we had until we left. 

On the ride over.
On the trip over here we went through two tunnels. Dominic loved it, especially when we honked the horn. 
Caitlin on the other hand said it was "scawy".
A picture of our house from about half way up the road. 
Our house is the white one directly at the bottom.
The kids were once again in the closet. It's a crazy big closet so they called it their room.

We wanted to go out to eat with one of the families staying with us before the dad had to go back home for the week to work. I picked a little Italian restaurant, but when we arrived it was closed for Memorial Day. So we ended up at Pizza Hut. Can you imagine what our waitress thought when she realized there were seven children between us. Poor lady. But the kids were great and we had a good meal.
Roger and Mary (I love this picture of them.)
The kids at their own table.
"Mommy, take a picture."
The kids enjoyed their meetings, but they also enjoyed the many other things that come with campmeeting. Playing with friends, swimming, putt-putt, the lake, trolley rides and popsicles from the ACBC. Also the house that we were in had made some new changes. They put some things in the garage to make it more for play than cars. There was a chalkboard wall, games, balls and a dart board. The kids were down there quite a bit of the time they were at home.

Taking a walk

Waiting on me to catch up. I am always stopping to take a picture of something. So they will patiently wait for me to catch up and then they'll hurry on again. I have a really sweet family.
 The pool

Popsicles - well, sort of.
They were out of popsicles. It's been warmer this year than any we remember and there was a run on popsicles. We happened to pick the wrong time one day when they were waiting on a new shipment to arrive. But the kids certainly didn't mind the fudgesicles they were given instead.
Riding the trolley
Waiting on the trolley

Both kids wanted to sit on Daddy's lap.
Playing at the house
Chess with Daddy
Jumping in the ditch. 
I have no idea why this was so fun, but they spent quite a bit of time here.

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