Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Update

After taking the kids shopping for presents we returned home and tried not to bother Jon so he could have some alone time working on the Model A.
We ate our typical Taco Bell lunch and for supper headed to Bellacino's and 32 Degrees.
On the way home we noticed that the sky was getting dark again. It had rained off and on all day. Jon thought he saw green clouds. He tried to hurry, but the storm was faster. It started hailing about 2 minutes after he mentioned the green clouds. We whipped into a church parking lot and tried to take shelter under their vestibule. But the hail was coming sideways and we could still hearing it hitting the car. The kids were a bit freaked out, but when they noticed that mom and dad were enjoying it and taking pictures they calmed down.
We came home once the hail had stopped and were surprised to find tons of ice still on the ground.
There were some pretty large pieces.
The electricity was out and leaves were everywhere. But amazingly our car only had one hail spot. The electric came on right after we went to bed. I'd made sure that the lights were all turned off so we wouldn't be rudely awakened, but Dominic must have turned it back on because he came running into our bedroom the library to let us know his light was on.
In spite of the storm and unusual things I'm hoping that Jon had a wonderful Father's Day.

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