Saturday, April 11, 2009

1st plane ride

We flew to Florida yesterday. This was the back pack that Dominic got when Caitlin came home from the hospital. He was so excited to have a "suitcase" just like Daddy.
He was still a little tired from being sick this past week. I think he has allergies and so we ended up carrying it a little. But he had to keep checking to make sure he knew where it was.
The lighting wasn't great, but here is a picture of Caitlin right before her 1st plane ride. The plane is right behind us, but the sun washed it out.
As you can see, she missed the whole thing. She slept on Jon's lap the entire time. It was wonderful for us.
Dominic loved having his own seat. He played w/ the windows, the seat belt and the toys in his back pack. We'd hoped that he would sleep, but it was much too fun to look out the window or at the people behind us.

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