Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Things

There are so many little things that happen every day that I could blog about. My kids are precious. They are also hilarious. But since they only sleep for short periods of time and my memory is horrible I don't get most of them down. But when I remember I make a note here by the computer so I can add it to a blog later. Here are some things from the notes.

Dominic hasn't acted jealous about Caitlin. But he does want to make sure he gets attention as well. When Jon got home I was showing him how Caitlin could roll over and Dominic got on the floor and showed us that he could roll over as well.

Sabbath we put Caitlin in the high chair by herself for the 1st time. She wasn't excited, but didn't seem to mind too bad. It was nice to have her join us for lunch.
The other day Jon and I were going somewhere in the car and we heard Caitlin and Dominic laughing and laughing. We looked back and he was holding her hand and making faces. I guess she thought it was funny and every time she laughed and squealed Dominic would laugh too. It was precious and I wish I'd had the camera w/ me to video it. I'm so amazed and blessed that my kids love each other so much.

On the way home today Dominic was telling me a story. "Once about a time. . . so the monster ated it all up. . . (10 minutes later) so Andy felled on his red skateboard and hurted his knee. . ." This story continued the whole 30 minutes home. Anything we were passing was included into the story. We hit some road construction and had to sit for a while, but this didn't stop the story. It was just included into the story line. Man alive, can my kid talk!!! Not a clue where he got that. =)

Dominic was really tired, but was resisting his nap. I had to go in several times to put him back in the bed. He'd emptied the bookcase, his stuffed animal bin, most of the clothes out of the dresser and some things from his time out box. This is the clear box you can see his feet against. It's full of sheets and blankets and it's where I send him for time out. He loves to empty everything and pile it on his bed. After about 30 minutes of this I told him that if I had to come in again I'd spank. I had to leave the door open because it was rather hot in his room and we don't have central air. I went into my bedroom w/ Caitlin and shut the door so he could go to sleep with out distractions. Once he's asleep I can do anything and he won't wake up.
When I came out to check on him to make sure he was still in his bed, this is what I saw.
Not sure why he's on the floor or how this could possibly be comfortable, but he slept for over 2 hours here.

Yesterday I heard him crying and found him under the crib w/ his foot stuck side ways in between the slates. It was a bit painful so I thought he'd learned his lesson about getting out of bed and being on the floor during nap time. Guess that didn't stop him.

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