Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jon and I are having a bit of a dilemma. We've read and been told by everyone that we should get rid of Dominic's pacifier before he hits 3 yrs old. He only uses it while he's sleeping and we've had the dentist check his teeth and everything is fine. He doesn't have speech issues. So the only reason to get rid of it would be because it's "time". We had heard of people having a pacifier party to get rid of it. A party w/ friends where a big production of throwing away the pacifier is made and then the child is given a present to replace the pacifier.
I told Dominic about this and he agreed that he'd like a papis party and even requested the present that he wanted (Annie & Clarabel -Thomas trains).
His normal bedtime is 8pm. At 9:30pm, after several attempts to get up or calling to us he finally asked for papis. I explained that he wouldn't get a party or present tomorrow, but he tearfully told me he didn't care. "I just want my papis, mommy!" I didn't have the heart to deny him and he's been quiet ever since. Sigh!

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