Friday, April 24, 2009

Green poop and other mommies

I'm not sure if it's all men or just mine that look at life from a totally different angle then I do. The other night we were eating supper and we had broccoli. Dominic doesn't hate broccoli, but he has to be coaxed to eat it. I normally give him one spear and after much convincing he'll eat it. Jon put three spears on his plate. Dominic was complaining about it and Jon told him that it would turn his poop green if he ate them. Dominic shoved that broccoli into his mouth with no complaints. Now I would have NEVER even thought to give him that incentive.

Dominic asked me to please play with him. When I asked him what we were playing he told me that I was to pretend to be his other mommy. Since I wasn't aware of another mom I asked him who that was. In a voice that said he couldn't believe I didn't know he said "It's yours and Daddy's mommies." Oh, yeah. I knew that! =)

Sabbath morning Jon and I were still getting ready for church when we sat Dominic down for breakfast. We hadn't gotten to the table ourselves and so Dominic called us "Please come to the table. I'm getting lonely."
A few days later he learned the word lazy. So at lunch he again asked me to come to the table because he was getting "lazy." I corrected him and now whenever he doesn't want to get up and do something he's asked he says it's because he's "soooo lazy!"

Caitlin rolled over for the 1st time today. We had gone to pick strawberries earlier and she had gotten pretty hot and fussy. So I undressed her down to her onsie and laid her on the cool floor. She liked that and in the process of scooting around she rolled over. She looked so pleased w/ herself. The cheering section inspired her to do it several more times before she got tired. I went to write it in her baby book and checked to see when Dominic rolled over. It was about the same time, but it was only once and then he waited until a week later to do it a 2nd time. Maybe he didn't have enough applause. =)
Dominic and Caitlin certainly love each other. I've been blessed w/ how gentle Dominic is with her and how much she adores him.

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