Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girl Power

Dominic got some temporary tattoos in his easter eggs. I wasn't paying attention to them other than they were disney characters. So yesterday he asked me if he could wear one and I said sure. It was a pink and purple tattoo that said "Girl Power". I tried my best to convince him that he wanted a different one, but no such luck. He now proudly sports a Girl Power tattoo on his chest. =)

Today we came home to find our front yard full of chickens and one rooster. Not sure where they came from, but Dominic sure had fun chasing them. Tolkien just sat there and watched. I guess his attack mode only works for dogs and cats. He brings us dead birds every once in a while, but these were a bit big.

Just in case you think my child is perfect, or worse that I think he is, here is an example of my inperfect kid.
Yesterday I had a dental appt and left both kids with a friend. She has two kids about the same age as mine. I came back to find blood all over her and a band-aide on the boy's head. Dominic had chucked a die-cast train at his head and it bled everywhere. Needless to say he was punished and we had a huge discussion when I got back about not throwing things.
Later at supper Dominic informed me that he was David and his friend was Goliath and he'd used his sling to make him fall down. Sigh! Bible stories can be so violent. So we had another discussion about how Goliath was going to hurt David so God told David to use his sling. And Dominic wasn't to ever throw things even if he was pretending to be David.
"Mommy, will God EVER let me use my sling?" Another sigh! I, somehow, don't think he got the point.

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