Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dominic was watching me change Caitlin's diaper this morning and he looked a little confused. "Mommy, Caitlin has two bums. See?!" Caitlin has so many rolls on her legs that the poor kid couldn't tell where bum ended and leg started. Just looked like she had several bums to him I guess. =)

I was trying to cook breakfast and Dominic was rolling around on the floor beneath me. I kept stepping over and around him trying to work. I accidentally stepped on his arm and he said "Mommy, don't step on me. I'm your very best friend."

Last week Dominic was getting a little antsy in his car seat on the way home so I started pointing out all of the flowers along the road and telling him the names. He can pronounce most of them very well. Although he was a little confused about why a dogwood was called that. His first attempt at wisteria was closer to "mysteria". On the way home today he was pointing out the jasmine, dogwood, etc. and he said something about a mustache. I thought he was being silly and asked him what a mustache was.
"You know mom, it goes with a beer."
He meant beard.

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Torry said...

Marshall said the same thing about Amelia. He found her "two hineys" shocking and sad all at once. :) It was then that he started to assume that Jeremy and he were better than the rest of us, since we were obviously defective.