Sunday, April 12, 2009

Florida Holiday/Easter Egg Hunt

We have had so much fun on our annual Florida vacation. I think Dominic has had the most fun. We will be leaving tomorrow. Dominic wasn't very happy when we told him.
Dominic was able to go on the boat twice this weekend. I wasn't able to go with him because Caitlin was needing to eat or sleeping both times. But he seemed to really enjoy it.
Last night I gave the kids a bath together. Our tub isn't large enough so they both enjoyed it. Caitlin didn't even mind the splashing.
This morning we dyed eggs. Everyone got in on the action.
While the real eggs were drying we went on an egg hunt outside. Dominic was the only kid with about six adults watching him. =) He would open each egg and put the egg in the basket and the contents in his bag.

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