Monday, April 6, 2009

Sleep of the innocent

We went to Greenville yesterday. It took a little longer than planned and so it was almost Dominic's bedtime when we headed home. I could tell he was tired because his eyes were so heavy. But he just couldn't seem to drift off. Caitlin woke up and started screaming. I looked back as she started crying and Dominic fell right asleep. I guess he needed Caitlin crying to make it seem more like regular nap and bedtime. =)

I took Caitlin to her 4 month check up today. I was leaving from there to go to a playdate so took Dominic with me. Usually I leave him with a friend or at Play Date. He was very curious and pulled a chair up to the table so he could watch everything that was going on. When it came time to give her the shots he started getting upset.
"Caitlin isn't sick. I don't think she wants a shot." I was rubbing his back and head to make him feel better and to distract him when I felt something. He had been in the woods several times this weekend and there was a tick on his head. Both Jon and I had checked him, but somehow missed this one. So after 20 minutes of the nurse working on it she finally got it out and I had two screaming kids.
They are both out cold right now. I brought them home after the play date and they fell asleep. Poor little munchkins are worn out.

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richies said...

I remember those days. I am glad to be grandparent now.

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