Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Nothing every totally prepares a parent for the first time their kid blows out a diaper. And tonight Jon and I found out that not even a previous child could prepare us for Caitlin.
We were in the middle of worship when Caitlin, who hadn't pooped in 2 days, decided to clean herself out. She had on a fleece sleeper and we could see it coming up the front. By the time Jon got her to the bedroom to change her it was almost up to her neck in both directions. She's getting more curious about things and kept trying to put her hands in it.
It took 2 adults (with a bit of "help" from Dominic) to get her clean. We ended up putting her into the tub and taking everything off in there. Then we put the diaper and clothes in bags to transport to trash and laundry. Then she got a bath.
Jon thinks it's a conspiracy. No one tells you about the gross stuff until after the kids are born to keep you from not having children out of fright. So this post is for all of the people yet to have children. Beware! You will never be sorry that you had children. They are the biggest blessing of your life. But they are also the grossest thing that you will ever encounter!!!

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Brent Buttler said...

Haha, thanks for the warning. I will definitely keep that in mind.