Monday, January 24, 2011

Another craft

Dominic loves watching tv. He would probably watch all day if I let him.
He is only allowed to watch while Caitlin is sleeping. Then I'll put her on the bed (he watches in my bedroom) so she can watch with Dominic if she wakes up in the middle of a show. Then he's required to turn it off once that show is finished. If she happens to wake up as a show is ending or I wake her up at 4pm then he has to turn the tv off right then.

But since Jon got the PS3 I've felt a little guilty for how much "tv" time he's been getting. Although watching him play the PS3 is hilarious. He can't sit still. If his man jumps on the screen so does Dominic.
So the past couple of days I've been coming up with baking projects or crafts to keep him occupied so he won't think of watching tv. I'm surprised because it's actually working.

Today we used some bird seed he'd been given in Sabbath school and made a bird feeder.
First we covered a paper towel roll in peanut butter.
He couldn't wait until the roll was covered in the peanut butter so he could lick the knife.
He found out accidentally that bird seed doesn't taste that great.
Then we rolled it in the bird seed.
We hung it outside on Dominic's favorite tree - the pear tree.

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