Friday, January 28, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

It's tradition.
When my parents got married many years ago they started a new tradition.
They both came from large families and my dad mentioned to my mom that now that they were married he wanted to have 2nds of dessert; something that didn't happen in his large family. My mom's family was very poor and rarely had dessert and certainly not enough for seconds.

So they took a dessert and subtracted a little of the sugar so they could eat as much as they wanted.
The problem with this is that you are usually almost full of the main meal before the dessert is served.
So the tradition of dessert for supper was started.

I grew up eating cookies and fruit salad, fruit crisps, strawberry shortcake, etc. for suppers.
When I started dating Jon he would eat supper with us when he was visiting for the weekend.
He certainly didn't mind our continuing this tradition in our own family.

 I don't think the kids are minding it either.
They each had three helpings.

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Jo Abair said...

I did the same thing. sort of. When I was growing up, there wasnt a lot of money and I truly, truly, wanted to eat as many black olives and rice krispy treats as I could hold. Oh, and butter. As an adult, I make sure those dreams live. I go through lbs of butter monthly, eat entire pans of homemade rice k treats alone (tho I make plenty for my family as well) and I buy black olives in 10 lb cans. So heres to traditions and dreams!I mean how many adults REALLY keep to their childhood food dreams??? Oh, and I buy butter at Sam's Club. Its cheaper.