Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a day!!!

This is a typical stay-at-home day. It didn't happen today. After reading this you will understand why I blog at night after the kids are in bed. But every single one of these things DID happen.

And in the words of my mother (who was so sweet to point this out) -
"Wow! They are JUST like you when you were little!"
Thanks mom! Makes me feel so much better.

The morning starts out well enough. Dominic wakes up and we cuddle on the couch while we wait on Caitlin to get up. She usually wakes up and calls for me. But occasionally she will wake up screaming.
Occasionally happened this day.

As we are eating breakfast Caitlin dumps her breakfast on the floor. It is very cold outside so the dogs are in the house. They rush over to help "clean up". Dominic reaches down with his sticky fingers to pet them. Now they need another bath. 
Caitlin gets her hair in her food and swallows it. I have to pull it out of her mouth with the food still attached as she gags.
Both spill their milk and cover their clothes in breakfast.
Caitlin asks to go potty, but before I can get around the bar she pees her pants.

I am washing dishes when I hear a little voice -
"Uh Oh. Huwwy I poop, I poop!"
I hurried, but not fast enough.

It's cold. Weather.com says it's 19 degrees outside. So the dog's water bowls are inside.
Sarah dumps the water on the floor and it runs under the refrigerator.
I moved the refrigerator and mopped up all the water.
Caitlin spends this time eating dog food and emptying my cans out of the cabinets. 
Dominic spends this time emptying every toy in his toy boxes.

I am helping Dominic put his toys away.
Caitlin is putting panties on her head and arms and legs. 
She already had a pair on her bum.

While I am putting her panties back in the drawer I hear a scream from the bathroom. (Dominic tattling.)
I go into the bathroom to find Caitlin getting ready to flush the toilet.
Here is what she had done. 
She had taken a bowl from her kitchen and emptied the water from the toilet into the almost full trash can. 
She then dumped all of her bathroom toys into the toilet. 
This was what she was getting ready to flush when I ran in.
The rug is wet, the toys are gross and WHAT am I supposed to do with that trash can?!

It's now 9am. My day is just beginning!

I'll highlight a few other things that happened later.
Josie stuck her nose in the paint. Dominic backed up against it.

The toys that had been in the toilet were in the tub waiting for a chance to be cleaned. The kids climbed in with their clothes on and are now soaked with toilet bowl water.
I put them at the bar to color so I could play catch up. The bar is now covered in bright green marker, as are both kids.
I've found that dried play doh does NOT come out of carpet.
Caitlin put about 6 cups of kitty litter in the toilet and about half that in the shower. This litter dissolves when it touches liquid. So the toilet is clogged.
Caitlin spilled milk all over the couch.
The dogs peed on the floor because I forgot about them needing to go outside.
The carpet in the living room is wet and smelly because Sarah likes to take a mouth of dog food into the living room to eat it.
Caitlin stripped naked in her crib every time I left her bedroom and never ended up taking a nap.

It's the end of the day. The kids rooms are a disaster. The house is not remotely clean and we had left overs for supper because I didn't have time to cook.
A friend (who doesn't have children) told me that I would look back on this day and smile someday.
You know - She might be right.
But it will be a very long time in the future.
Because tomorrow is likely more of the same.

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