Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm always trying to sneak vegies past my kids.
And once when I was in a super hurry I found an amazing way to get them to eat almost anything.
Today proved that the almost is certainly there.
I can make Ramen Noodles and put any kind of vegie in that I want.
Then I'll add tofu and olives and they will inhale several bowls.
I know that Ramen isn't the most nutritious food, but the vegies are about half of the bowl so I have convinced myself that this makes it worth it.
Today I decided to change things up a bit. I'd purchased a can of 
Cha'i-Pow-Yu (Braised Gluten).
The kids were NOT impressed.

Caitlin will try anything and as soon as she put it in her mouth she pulled it right back out and said 
"Yucky, mommy, vewy yucky. I don wike it."

Dominic won't try anything without force. So I told him that he had to try it before he got another bowl. He agonized and finally put a small piece in his mouth.
The face he made was priceless. The gagging was not.
Since the gagging wasn't fake I didn't make him eat any more.

Guess I'm back to tofu.

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