Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bathes and Bubbles

I received an email from Shutterfly offering me some free cards. But I didn't have a new enough picture of the kids. So I lined them up against the wall and tried to get a decent photo.
The kids did not match and were really, really dirty. But I planned to turn the picture into a black and white so I knew this wouldn't matter.
They were NOT being still or smiling.
Jon blew bubbles and that helped for a moment.
Then it was back to wiggles again.
With a bit of touching up, I think I have a good one.
The kids weren't the only dirty ones. The girls were pretty smelly.
Jon took both of them into the bathroom and Josie sat on his legs while he bathed Sarah.

We tried out a new Mexican restaurant today.
The kids loved the bright decor.
Caitlin eating her tomato with my scrunchie in her hair.

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