Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arkansas - Happy Birthday Jon

This last week we went to Arkansas.
We were a bit concerned about how many times we would have to stop on the 9 hr trip so Caitlin could go potty, but it went really well.

We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way.
Caitlin found the rocking chair right way.
Dominic enjoyed it also the few times he could find it vacant.
Dominic found Kate - a dog that doesn't lick. He loved on her all week.

The last two times Grammy was visiting us she heard Dominic's favorite word quite a bit.
She told Dominic that she was going to buy him underwear for Christmas since he seemed to like it so much. We had originally planned on going to AR later in January so the Christmas gifts were mailed to us. We saved this gift and brought it with us so Grammy could see his reaction.

He was NOT thrilled. When he realized what the gift was he threw it aside and started getting upset. Grammy calmed him down by bringing out some toys.
(On a side note: today he told me that his new favorite word was pants so Grammy would buy him pants next year instead of underwear.)

The kids really enjoyed climbing around on the stairs.

This is just to give you an idea of how high up they were. Dominic tried several times to climb on the outside.

We went to town several days to run errands with Grammy or meet Gramps for lunch.
Grammy fit very nicely between the car seats.
The kids loved it.

Thursday was Jon's birthday so we ate at this wonderful little Italian place.
They had paper table clothes that we all drew on while we waited.

Making faces.

The artist.

I told Dominic that he couldn't have dessert (when the waitress asked) because he was going to eat some of Daddy's birthday cake later that day.
So the waitress brought this to Jon.
You can see from the chocolate around Caitlin's mouth that Jon was sweet and shared.

Happy Birthday Jon!

Every year Jon asks for the same layered dessert for his birthday.
This year he got to help make it.
(It was help or watch Dominic eat it before it could be finished. Notice the cool whip around his mouth.)

Caitlin was ready with her plate.

Or maybe Jon just wanted to be able to lick the spoon himself. =)


Techyturner said...

You are so funny! I love the pictures and the memories you brought back to me. I LOVE his parents house. I remember the stairs with no railing when I visited for a long break in HS. Thanks for sharing your life.

Techyturner said...

PS. Happy birthday Old Man!