Thursday, January 20, 2011


I was reading a blog this morning and saw a craft that looked doable.

So after Caitlin went down for her nap, Dominic and I hauled out the supplies.
First we sorted crayons and found Valentine colors.
Then we took all of the paper off.
This was not Dominic's favorite part, but he suffered gladly knowing there was better stuff coming.
Then we shaved the crayons in the pencil sharpener.
Our pencil sharpener is not the best so I was using a knife to shave the stubs. 
I ended up slicing into my finger.
I now know that Dominic can be cool under pressure and that blood doesn't make him sick.
He was a very brave doctor as he rushed to get me a band aid and wipe up the blood.
Although I had to wonder if it was partly concern about the blood getting on his craft project. =)
We then put the shavings between wax paper and ironed it.
It was pretty cool watching the colors melt together.
Then we cut out hearts and strung them up.
Happy Early Valentine's Day!

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Look at all those perty shavings! Your garland is lovely. I like how they're all lined up! Glad you enjoyed the craft. :)